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ok so i have my admission into med school. woohoo \o/ finally. 

but before i can start that i have heaps to do omg. theres all the stuff i have to do to, you know, move countries and all, not to mention the summer job at the research group that im going to have to deal with. they were not happy when they found out i had to leave a couple of weeks early, not that i blame them. i totally would have warned them if i had actually thought i would get in. it really did come as a suprise but a good one. i was also hoping to work during the summer, you know earn some extra money for actual things besides tuition but with all the work and organising i have no idea whether ill even have time to do that. so im going to be poor and living in a new city. what fun! in all honesty whatever extra funds i acquire would all go towards buying me essential anyway. and by essentials i mean a laptop because i would not survive without a proper interent connection, seriously.  aside from that i have no idea what i should and should not be packing.  i really need to check that out because i have never lived anywhere that is not with my parents and even though im looking forward to it, im also kind of freaked out. but hey, new exeriences right. i think the only way i will survive this is to go into super organized mode, which is seriously not pretty, i scare children when im like that. but a girls gotta do what a girls gotta do.

hmmmm was there actually any point to this post? if you can find one please tell me. lol.

oh and happy birthday to [personal profile] rasah, she who writes (and inspires) good fic. actually if you are going wtf?why is she telling us these things? its all rasahs fault because this actually started as a happy birthday post. so there :P *snort* anyways girl i hope you have a great day with all the wonderful things you deserve *hugs*

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