Apr. 27th, 2007

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 ok well i have no idea what to do with myself. i have all these ideas in my head but none of them will stay put long enough for me to write it down. i mean what am i supposed to do when my best ideas come just when i am trying to go to sleep, or like today where i mapped out an entire story on the walk back to the city campus only to lose track of that one crucial line that connects it all together. so now i have like three diffrerent stories running around in my head, i'm still waiting for 'steps' to be validated on the sam/dean slash archive and im supposed to be studying. like right now. but i have much better things to do i guess. like read the last chapter of Ages which can be found on phantisma's journal. remember i recommented you read amara's stuff coz she is very good and Ages is case in point. so yeah. im also tracking the fic 'a way home' which is a classic snarry fic. i mean abused harry, protective snape, what else could you ask for. plus its really good. the writing is awesome and i dare you not to fall in love with that version of snape. i mean really, i dare you!  and i have to say im kinda hating jen_jm rite now. her fic 'what we had' is awesome,  im a jared/jensen fan all the way (yes i read RPS, did i mention im going to hell?) but she totally converted me into a jeff/jensen fan and now she plans to ruin it! still the fics soo good i cant stop reading it, no matter how im scared its gonna go. 

so thats me right now. just killing time until my fic monster comes back to visit. PLEASE be soon! please be soon! please be soon! or i'll end up driving myself crazy! (or am i already there?... you decide). 



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