May. 5th, 2007

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ok how sad is it that i just spent like 10 minutes just staring at the supernatural page on the CW website trying to take in the prettyness that is jensen ackles. i KNOW he is attractive, i mean there was that one scene in dark angel where i practically wore down the tape coz i 'missed the line' ( you cant blame me, jensen was in a towel) but sometimes that sort of thing just catches you off guard and you just end up going yaypretty! but brought this on was a desperate search to find out if supernatural has been renewed for season three. we are still on season one in NZ but the thing i really hate is how my favourite shows always get cancelled in the US just as they are getting good. and i really dont want spn to be cancelled, so i really wanted to find out whats going on, if anything. does anybody know something? if so do you feel like telling me? 

heh until you do i think i will contemplate the cuteness that is Jared. ok i gotta say that i didnt really find him that attractive at first, probably cuteDean carryovers from GG but after i saw the paley interview, heh i love them both (in a totally ok non stalkerish way of course) coz jared is sooo adorable in the interview and they are so funny together and you know HOT. which brought me to my interest (obsession, more like but thats just semantics) with stories involving the two, you know the evil dirty thing known as RPS that i the  supposed good catholic girl is totally going to hell for. but you know there are worse things to be sentenced for. plus ill have so much fun along the way. yeah so in response to this post i was wondering if anyone out there is also headed in my direction adn therefore might have some recs for good j2 fics, with or without plot, both are good. oh and if anyone would like to feed my JDM daddy kink i would most appreciate it.

OH GOD the userpic says it all


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