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oooh! i am so pissed at myself. i had this whole post written out, a diatribe on my lack of ideas in the past couple of days, the suckiness of lost and tv scheduling and the awesomeness of house but i managed to lose it. so instead of a spontaneous ramble you have ended up with this post. which i have just decided will be on what supernatural has done to me. it tragic, its horrible and if you cannot stand it you should turn away. supernatural has the unfortunate distinction of turning.... me...onto ... MULLETROCK.  i am sooo sad. all my friends say so. they cannot seem to understand my new penchant for metallica and blue oyster cult. they shake their heads at me when i try to tell them it is good. if somebody had told me a year ago that at this time i would willingly  listen to bad company i would have laughed in their face. now i find myself after each episode, checking for the names of the songs in the episode and i can blame it all on jared and jensen. if only they weren't so distracting. i figure the mulletrock has seeped in due to the positive conotations and now it wont let me go. and maybe i dont want to. i mean maybe i am getting sick of songs that sound exactly like fifty others playing on the radio at the same time or in the past. and if its not the beats, its the lyrics. the same ideas, the same vapid thoughts, a lack of originality. so the only way you can rebel is by looking to the past. not that there arent musicians right now who are original and interesting , i mean you do hear some songs or some artists who are interesting and creative but unfortunately now they have become a few among hundreds of copycats. and they wonder why the music industry is struggling. they should stop blaming people who download and ask why people dont feel like paying for records anymore. when you shell out cash you expect a certain quality and currently there are not many people who live up to the standards set by their predecessors. 

hey look you did get a long confused ramble.... arent you glad i decided to post?


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