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So I made it to Armageddon on Saturday, Yay!me. And it was great! I saw both Joe and Conner and both panels were really good, funny and interesting. I’ve done the Joe panel now; you guys tell me if you want to know what I remember from Conner’s and photos of him and I’ll put it up. I told [ profile] flotternz that I didn’t remember much of the panels but once I started writing stuff down I actually did so this is massive! And not dial-up friendly. also if you want bigger photos the link goes to my photobucket album.

NOTE: This is all paraphrasing coz I didn’t record it. Please don’t use anything I write to support any arguments. I know I didn’t get the words exactly right and this is all my interpretation of what Joe said. I would hate to have someone link back to me because what I said supports their view point.

Also this contains spoilers for episodes not aired yet so if you don’t want to be spoiled please be careful. I’ll put the pictures under a separate cut, ok.

the panel- seperated into insightful categories )  

Now for the gratuitous perving on Joe (click here for bigger)

Joe Flanigan Intergalactic Hottie )
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damn after going all the way to the mall, totally out of my way, i find they no longer have a ticketing booth there. which means ill have 2 wake up real early tomorrow and keep my fingers crossed that i get tix . oh well c'est la vie.

besides, *sing-songs* im gona see joe flanigan, im gona see joe flanigan...


p.s. happy birthday [personal profile] unamaga and [profile] truvariance 
hope you guys have an awesome day! (and get lots of good stuff like porn and chocolates and porn and presents and porn and porn, and did i mention porn? do i have a one track mind? of course not! hehe. have fun! 
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I know im supposed to be studying for my upcoming exams but i just realized that joe flanigan is going to be auckland.... in new zealand... on SATURDAY!!!. 

HOW did i not know this? be still my heart! 

ok so im totally be getting up early to try and get in *glee*  and hopefully get lots of pictures of him being slinky (not my word but it fits) and conner trinner because after seeing other con photos i know he is currently looking very sexy. 

fingers crossed people!!! 

so in summary: JOE FLAAAANIGAN *faints*


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