Jun. 15th, 2007

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ok so yay! im on study break. for like a day coz my next exam is in five. and im actually kind of giddy becoz i got more than four hours of sleep last nite. i gotta say i officially love sleep. its like right up there with chocolate, spn on fridays and porn in fics. so yeah i've had some sleep and i have some free time so i got to thinking (i know shocking!!!) and this is what came out

1) since when has steve carlson been this hot??? seriously! i saw the video for 'i'll remember you' (which you should totally check out on youtube if you havent) and despite the questionable black hat i was kinda really into steve by the end of it. (was i the only one who thought that the one handed bra opening thing was smokin?) and then i saw this :

which totally made me squee like a fangirl (which is ok coz i am) and sent me on a hunt for his cd (which i dint find and will probably have to get off the interwebs instead) and for hot fic featuring steve which i found and read and i have decided steve/chris is like my new OTP. though i do seem to be collecting those. heh! im a ho for the fanfiction.  which leads me on to..

2) even though i have no time and heaps of study/work/family things to do i signed up for [profile] spn_harlequin  which i totally hope to write while on intersemester break even though i will be travelling around the us and canada with my family and no computer access (oh woe what am i going to do without checking my flist for 3 weeks!!!). meaning i am going to have to prevent my parents from reading the journal that will include all the snippets describing jensens cock in jared ass (or the other way around).  but thats off topic (oh i'm rambling- again how shocking!!). what i was wondering was how irritating do people find it if a fic is not researched. becasue my prompt involves slaves. basically i could go one of two ways. i could just write it, basing it in a period i like and screwing with the time and the details. or i could research it properly and write it that way. i have no aversion to the second really, just that it would require time but was wondering how annoying it would be if i went the first route? coz i want people to read it and so i was pondering. is that something that really turns you off a fic? oh and if you feel like it you can list all the things that bug you so that i can try to avoid all of them

or you can ignore this entirely which works too. coz its just me being self involved. but yeah if you have the time and the inclination...


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