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aaah!!! i hate it when my brain won't listen to me. i want it to do J2 twister things, instead it wants to do slacker on holiday things. why, i ask you, WHY?! seriously, this (below) is the best i could come up with the past couple of days. neve, ever going to make my deadline!!! still here's a sniippet of wait for you chapter 2. unbeta-ed but not because i dont have one, i just dont want to bug her yet. so yeah........

snippet )

so what do you think? any good or do i have to go back to the drawing board?! hopefully just putting this out there will shock my muse into actually working. hehe
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ok i dont get it! how can my life be so cool and suck at the same time. 

first the coolness. i got a job!!! not just any job. i got a job for the summer (in nz thats like november to march) at a research facility. which is freakin awesome becasue i want to do medical research and my supervisor's an actual researcher who's published like actual research papers and its so cool and im totally excited and yeah *squeee*

now for the bad. oh muse where have you gone? do you not understand i have deadlines to make? i have have fics for both [profile] spn_harlequinand [profile] reel_spnto finish. how can i make you realize that i have to finish these now so i can deal with the assignments that are due in 2 weeks? why do you abandon me so. *cries*

ok so its not a total tragedy. im doing some cool papers this semester with some really good, interesting lecturers and assignments. besides who needs sleep, rite? 

oh yeah my life is fun. end transmission.

* goes to find steel trap to catch muse in*


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