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ok so you know christmas is on its way when the creepy santa appears on queen street. all i can say is thank god he no longer winks because that my friends was scary.

if you dont know what im talking about then lets just say that every year the bookstore at the corner of our largest inner city intersection gets into the holiday spirit by erecting (heh) a gigantic santa on its facade. in recent years in addition to the 'come hither' finger that it currently sports the santa also periodically winked. now many of you may think this is cute but let me tell you.... its not!!! the thing is huge, and not very well painted and looked vaguely lecherous even without the winking. in fact the winking has been known to scare passing children. and parents. and most pedestrians. so thankfully this year the winking is no longer (hallelujah). but the santa still performs the creepy finger (no, i dont want to come closer!) and still looks like he is leering at passerbys. in fact the removal of the winking eyelid has added to that. so good work [name of bookstore here] 

anyway the important point is that the giantcreepysanta is actually a sign of the approaching christmas. a reminder to buy presents etc. and what it reminded me of was that i would love to send some of you guys on my flist at least a small christmas greeting, a cheesy card or camp nz souvenier. you know its what you have always wanted, lol. so if you guys would like to recieve some christmas wishes from me just reply to this post with your address and ill send you something.(all comments are screened). ETA: or you can email your address to me

yay! christmas :D
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 ok how much do i love my show. seriously i haven't squeed this much since the first episode of the season, and there wasn't even any visible mcshep.  but omg this episode was absolute glee!!! 

WARNING: this entry is in no way coherent. at all. it makes no. sense. (you have been warned)


Oct. 31st, 2007 06:15 am
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ok so earlier i was reading a post by [ profile] lavvyan about her christmas wish list and it got me thinking about other wish lists. like your fic wish lists. you know, the fics you are dying to read and are willing to troll through pages of badfic to find. and suddenly i had an idea. what if we had a comm where you could post your fic wishes. and if somebody else reads it and likes it maybe they would write it for you.

i thought it was a good idea so i created this comm [ profile] fic_wish. but is it good? do you think it would work?
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ok so i have my admission into med school. woohoo \o/ finally. 

but before i can start that i have heaps to do omg. theres all the stuff i have to do to, you know, move countries and all, not to mention the summer job at the research group that im going to have to deal with. they were not happy when they found out i had to leave a couple of weeks early, not that i blame them. i totally would have warned them if i had actually thought i would get in. it really did come as a suprise but a good one. i was also hoping to work during the summer, you know earn some extra money for actual things besides tuition but with all the work and organising i have no idea whether ill even have time to do that. so im going to be poor and living in a new city. what fun! in all honesty whatever extra funds i acquire would all go towards buying me essential anyway. and by essentials i mean a laptop because i would not survive without a proper interent connection, seriously.  aside from that i have no idea what i should and should not be packing.  i really need to check that out because i have never lived anywhere that is not with my parents and even though im looking forward to it, im also kind of freaked out. but hey, new exeriences right. i think the only way i will survive this is to go into super organized mode, which is seriously not pretty, i scare children when im like that. but a girls gotta do what a girls gotta do.

hmmmm was there actually any point to this post? if you can find one please tell me. lol.

oh and happy birthday to [personal profile] rasah, she who writes (and inspires) good fic. actually if you are going wtf?why is she telling us these things? its all rasahs fault because this actually started as a happy birthday post. so there :P *snort* anyways girl i hope you have a great day with all the wonderful things you deserve *hugs*

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ok i dont get it! how can my life be so cool and suck at the same time. 

first the coolness. i got a job!!! not just any job. i got a job for the summer (in nz thats like november to march) at a research facility. which is freakin awesome becasue i want to do medical research and my supervisor's an actual researcher who's published like actual research papers and its so cool and im totally excited and yeah *squeee*

now for the bad. oh muse where have you gone? do you not understand i have deadlines to make? i have have fics for both [profile] spn_harlequinand [profile] reel_spnto finish. how can i make you realize that i have to finish these now so i can deal with the assignments that are due in 2 weeks? why do you abandon me so. *cries*

ok so its not a total tragedy. im doing some cool papers this semester with some really good, interesting lecturers and assignments. besides who needs sleep, rite? 

oh yeah my life is fun. end transmission.

* goes to find steel trap to catch muse in*
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ok so yay! im on study break. for like a day coz my next exam is in five. and im actually kind of giddy becoz i got more than four hours of sleep last nite. i gotta say i officially love sleep. its like right up there with chocolate, spn on fridays and porn in fics. so yeah i've had some sleep and i have some free time so i got to thinking (i know shocking!!!) and this is what came out

1) since when has steve carlson been this hot??? seriously! i saw the video for 'i'll remember you' (which you should totally check out on youtube if you havent) and despite the questionable black hat i was kinda really into steve by the end of it. (was i the only one who thought that the one handed bra opening thing was smokin?) and then i saw this :

which totally made me squee like a fangirl (which is ok coz i am) and sent me on a hunt for his cd (which i dint find and will probably have to get off the interwebs instead) and for hot fic featuring steve which i found and read and i have decided steve/chris is like my new OTP. though i do seem to be collecting those. heh! im a ho for the fanfiction.  which leads me on to..

2) even though i have no time and heaps of study/work/family things to do i signed up for [profile] spn_harlequin  which i totally hope to write while on intersemester break even though i will be travelling around the us and canada with my family and no computer access (oh woe what am i going to do without checking my flist for 3 weeks!!!). meaning i am going to have to prevent my parents from reading the journal that will include all the snippets describing jensens cock in jared ass (or the other way around).  but thats off topic (oh i'm rambling- again how shocking!!). what i was wondering was how irritating do people find it if a fic is not researched. becasue my prompt involves slaves. basically i could go one of two ways. i could just write it, basing it in a period i like and screwing with the time and the details. or i could research it properly and write it that way. i have no aversion to the second really, just that it would require time but was wondering how annoying it would be if i went the first route? coz i want people to read it and so i was pondering. is that something that really turns you off a fic? oh and if you feel like it you can list all the things that bug you so that i can try to avoid all of them

or you can ignore this entirely which works too. coz its just me being self involved. but yeah if you have the time and the inclination...
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ok first things first. to those people who have me on their flist (what? are you insane? really bad idea) i am sorry you had to suffer through my rant the other day. it was just me being a little bitch after a bad week. heh! im over it now and moving on to other things. like saying hello to all those other crazy people who have friended me lately though why you would want to do such a thing is beyond me, you do know you are in for more sufferment, right? (heh! i just made up a word. i am made of awesome. and modest too). still,

 HI ALL MY FRIENDS *waves*  

since i keep up with my friends page religiously (its part of the multislacking thing i have going) i know what most of you are up to but if you feel like chatting? or like ranting at me? i have time to spare ( not really but i can call it part of my 'study break'. HEH!). 

thats all i have to say. 

must.... get .....back ... to.... study....must ....not... read.....fic.....


P.s. check out this pic of jensen. HOT!!!!!!! btw i know i stole it off someone, but i cant remember who so if anyone knows i would appreciate it, coz i dont want to look like i have no manners, coz i dooooo, i really do *innocent eyes* 
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ok thank GOD! 

im finally done with the killer week from HELL! 

jeez! 4 assignments and a test in one week! i mean physiology, pharmacology, psychology AND biology all have to be due in at the same time? all in ONE week? in THIRD year! do the lecturers think its funny to fuck with us? see if we crack under the pressure?WHY? is it funny to watch us stumbling around with just four hours of sleep?writing four thousand word research proposals at 3 am?WTF?.............................................

ok i've calmed down now. hey at least its over. now ive just got exams to go(2weeks- study day and night). .... and UMAT (2months- study during holidays) .......and MCATS (3months- huh also study for during holidays) ........and work(all the bloody time)


can somebody cheer me up please? preferably with some porn? maybe hot J2 porn? or does anyone want to kill my plotbunny for me since i dont have any time to write it? please? i thought this up on the bus on my way to my test ( brain WTF? get with the program).

its something along the lines of 'what would happen if jensen and jeff were having really really i mean really hot buttsex and suddenly jensen unintentionally lets slip the D word (you know i have a daddy kink when it comes to JDM, so sue me?)'

does anyone want to write it? or has it already been written, or you can sen me any other pron you thinks good. heh! id even settle for comment porn! please? please?

ok *goes to look for dignity* ill stop begging now.
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I am on cloud nine!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

I got 87 percentile in GAMSAT ( graduate australian medical school admission test for those of you who dont know). which i know is not amazing but its pretty good if i do say so myself.

*dances around*

MED SCHOOL HERE I COME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

(ok maybe not but im allowed to fantasise arent i?)

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ok people i am officially high. and i didnt even need drugs or alchohol to get here. im high coz i was just checking out del.i.cious and i found that my JA/JDM fic had been saved by somebody. that means somebody liked my writing enough to want to save it. if you cant tell im jumping for joy right now let me illustrate

*jumping, dancing, twirling* 

see what did i tell you. so yeah thats all i wanted to say. *grins*

i guess i should also thank JDM for being the sexy bastard he is, and inspirng the fic, and my fantasies, and my dreams......................

sorry what was i saying? oh yeah JDM. and jensen of course, coz he's so pretty....*stares off into distance*

and the two of them together *head explodes from all the hotness*

*whimper* so yeah thanks

 *goes off to do 'things'*
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ok how sad is it that i just spent like 10 minutes just staring at the supernatural page on the CW website trying to take in the prettyness that is jensen ackles. i KNOW he is attractive, i mean there was that one scene in dark angel where i practically wore down the tape coz i 'missed the line' ( you cant blame me, jensen was in a towel) but sometimes that sort of thing just catches you off guard and you just end up going yaypretty! but brought this on was a desperate search to find out if supernatural has been renewed for season three. we are still on season one in NZ but the thing i really hate is how my favourite shows always get cancelled in the US just as they are getting good. and i really dont want spn to be cancelled, so i really wanted to find out whats going on, if anything. does anybody know something? if so do you feel like telling me? 

heh until you do i think i will contemplate the cuteness that is Jared. ok i gotta say that i didnt really find him that attractive at first, probably cuteDean carryovers from GG but after i saw the paley interview, heh i love them both (in a totally ok non stalkerish way of course) coz jared is sooo adorable in the interview and they are so funny together and you know HOT. which brought me to my interest (obsession, more like but thats just semantics) with stories involving the two, you know the evil dirty thing known as RPS that i the  supposed good catholic girl is totally going to hell for. but you know there are worse things to be sentenced for. plus ill have so much fun along the way. yeah so in response to this post i was wondering if anyone out there is also headed in my direction adn therefore might have some recs for good j2 fics, with or without plot, both are good. oh and if anyone would like to feed my JDM daddy kink i would most appreciate it.

OH GOD the userpic says it all
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 ok well i have no idea what to do with myself. i have all these ideas in my head but none of them will stay put long enough for me to write it down. i mean what am i supposed to do when my best ideas come just when i am trying to go to sleep, or like today where i mapped out an entire story on the walk back to the city campus only to lose track of that one crucial line that connects it all together. so now i have like three diffrerent stories running around in my head, i'm still waiting for 'steps' to be validated on the sam/dean slash archive and im supposed to be studying. like right now. but i have much better things to do i guess. like read the last chapter of Ages which can be found on phantisma's journal. remember i recommented you read amara's stuff coz she is very good and Ages is case in point. so yeah. im also tracking the fic 'a way home' which is a classic snarry fic. i mean abused harry, protective snape, what else could you ask for. plus its really good. the writing is awesome and i dare you not to fall in love with that version of snape. i mean really, i dare you!  and i have to say im kinda hating jen_jm rite now. her fic 'what we had' is awesome,  im a jared/jensen fan all the way (yes i read RPS, did i mention im going to hell?) but she totally converted me into a jeff/jensen fan and now she plans to ruin it! still the fics soo good i cant stop reading it, no matter how im scared its gonna go. 

so thats me right now. just killing time until my fic monster comes back to visit. PLEASE be soon! please be soon! please be soon! or i'll end up driving myself crazy! (or am i already there?... you decide). 



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