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I'm going to med school next year! They just confirmed it!

Now I'm sorting out things like accomodation (on-campus hopefully) and laptops (getting a new one, yay \o/) and packing things (I never realized how much crap stuff I have. But I'm also secretly freaked because as much as I am loving that my dream is finally coming through, its also now down to me not to screw it up. And I am so afraid I will (which leads to secret panic attacks at 3 in the morning).

But mostly I'm excited. I'm going to be moving out of home, doing what I always wanted. The campus is really pretty even if it is in the wops. Lol. And my course only has 40 people in it so hopefully we will all become close friends.

Now if only I had a million dollars, because seriously the prescribed text book list is fifteen entries long! Oh woes!

In other noes news, Joe M’s blog goes into its second (third?) day of non-updatyness and people are going crazy. The comments are up to 372 at last check.

Also, also ‘Now and Then' is playing on TV today \o/. For those of you who do not know, it is this awesome movie with Melanie Griffith, Demi Moore, Rosie O’Donell and Rita Wilson. They are childhood friends who have grown apart but they come together again and reminisce about their last summer together. I used to love this movie and actually squealed when I heard it was on. God, I am so weird.

Ok that is all for now. You may return to your regularly scheduled programming.
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 Ok so for five minutes after the show ended all I could say was omg! Actually I think I started repeating this about the time of that scene in the office, you know which one I’m talking about.  When the credits rolled I just sat there and stared and then I had to watch it again because oh. my. god.

Now can I just say, I have always known that sga was a good show but episodes like these emphasise that when done correctly it can be great. This episode was certainly one of the best. It was well written, well acted and very well put together. The whole feel of it was very realistic and most often down played, allowing the words and actions to speak for themselves.


And this episode certainly gave us a lot to think (and talk) about. 

omg! omg!

Nov. 28th, 2007 12:38 pm
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omg you guys i'm so sorry for spamming you today but omg! you know that paper that i thought i had failed?! that stressed me out and depressed me completely coz i thought i tanked the exam? 

well i PASSED! infact i passed all my exams! \o/ 

oh god i'm so happy. i got a C- for the paper which means i only just scraped through but i get my points for it. yay! hopefully it will be enough to still get me through to med skool. i got a  B+ for each of my other papers, which is not too bad, if not completely awesome. so my average should still be respectable enough for the med skool (fingers crossed)

but seriously i'm over the moon coz i passed everything! so i get to graduate! and i might be going to med school next year! 


ETA: thank you to [personal profile] thisissirius, [personal profile] cyndrarae and [profile] sara86 for keeping me sane when i was freaking out about this and being so supportive. you guys are really awesome, wonderful peoples *hugs*

 Son of the ETA: Sara, i think you told me you were leaving for your trip today. i hope all goes the best for you and that you have a blast. happy travels!


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