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ok im sure everyone has seen the new gag reel, but have you seen this...............
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Hi everyone!!!

its 5.15am and i havent been to bed yet. i am actually studying for my exams, really i am! but in between i somehow (really its a mystery i tell you) found time to read my flist which is how i came upon the SPN drabble tree. its awesome!!!! and can be found here:

spn drabble tree

I actually wrote something for the drabble tree that i am going to post here, if anyone feels like reading and commenting.

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Title: the one with the perceptive bastard (I really suck at names, can anyone come up with a better one?)
Characters: Jensen and Jeffrey Dean Morgan

Pairings: JA/JDM

Genres: RPS, PWP

Disclaimer: really, honestly if I owned them I would have so many better things to do. They belong to themselves and none of this ever happened (except in my mind)

 A/N: I’m not quite sure this turned out ok, so I would appreciate your feedback. I also seem to suck at endings so if you have some suggestions/ comments I would love you forever.

Summary: porn, porn, porn and did I mention porn? It’s basically JDM being the sexy bastard that he is and Jensen going along for the *coffs* ride. 


Apr. 15th, 2007 10:55 pm
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Now that i have started writing fanfic (sorta), i am finding it hard to stop but also kind of easier to do. which is cool, i guess. i am still on writing only drabbles, i think it will be a while before i have the guts to take on a full fic but i would love to try. until then could you please read and reply. i need to know if i should keep going or just put myself out of my misery. 

this drabble came to me after i read somebody else's fic on sam leaving for stanford. its just John maybe hours, maybe days after and what i thought would be going through his head. i personally think it is a little heavy handed and would love some concrit.

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This is the first fic i have ever written (apart from in my head). i dont know anything about posting fic on livejournal so if anyone would like to tell me anything i would greatly appreciate it. other than that could you guys tell me what you think. this is just something i thought of after seeing 'Scarecrow' for the first time (yes i know i am way behind but spn has just started in NZ). hope you like it. 


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