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I'm going to med school next year! They just confirmed it!

Now I'm sorting out things like accomodation (on-campus hopefully) and laptops (getting a new one, yay \o/) and packing things (I never realized how much crap stuff I have. But I'm also secretly freaked because as much as I am loving that my dream is finally coming through, its also now down to me not to screw it up. And I am so afraid I will (which leads to secret panic attacks at 3 in the morning).

But mostly I'm excited. I'm going to be moving out of home, doing what I always wanted. The campus is really pretty even if it is in the wops. Lol. And my course only has 40 people in it so hopefully we will all become close friends.

Now if only I had a million dollars, because seriously the prescribed text book list is fifteen entries long! Oh woes!

In other noes news, Joe M’s blog goes into its second (third?) day of non-updatyness and people are going crazy. The comments are up to 372 at last check.

Also, also ‘Now and Then' is playing on TV today \o/. For those of you who do not know, it is this awesome movie with Melanie Griffith, Demi Moore, Rosie O’Donell and Rita Wilson. They are childhood friends who have grown apart but they come together again and reminisce about their last summer together. I used to love this movie and actually squealed when I heard it was on. God, I am so weird.

Ok that is all for now. You may return to your regularly scheduled programming.
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 ok how much do i love my show. seriously i haven't squeed this much since the first episode of the season, and there wasn't even any visible mcshep.  but omg this episode was absolute glee!!! 

WARNING: this entry is in no way coherent. at all. it makes no. sense. (you have been warned)

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Ok so guess who has just been offered a seat in the Graduate Medical Program at Monash University, Australia ( Ranked World No. 33).  

Who could it possibly be?! 

Any ideas? 

Last Chance......

Well for for those who guessed ME!!!!! you are 100% correct! 

Your prize is a frantically excited future med student jumping up and down and hugging you excitedly! isnt it what you always wanted? *giggles*

Ok so im a little (read: a lot) excited. basically the seat is mine unless, you know, i tank all my exams this semester, which means i feel no pressure at all, of course not *panics silently*. plus my mom told the whole world in the space of one afternoon *dreads humiliation*. so yay i am officially a ball of emotional goo. what fun!

Still, right now exhiliration has won out! (note smug icon)

So come squee with me people!  *dances*


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