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 ok how much do i love my show. seriously i haven't squeed this much since the first episode of the season, and there wasn't even any visible mcshep.  but omg this episode was absolute glee!!! 

WARNING: this entry is in no way coherent. at all. it makes no. sense. (you have been warned)

rodney was just so freaking adorable, wandering around lost, with no idea what going on but still being utterly brilliant and 'wait doesnt that make me a bad person' and taking charge in the mess hall and the biceps....... 

I'm sorry what was i saying. oh yeah rodney and god the thing with him carter and zelenka was fabulous. omg zelenka heh. going around bopping soldiers on the forehead and just being amazing and hilarious. and omg i loved carter in this (ok so maybe loved is to strong a word, would it be ok enough for me to say she didnt annoy me at all?! in fact i thought she was great when she didnt have her memory and her and john working together so efficiently was cool. what? dont look at me like that, it was!) 

and heh lorrrnnneee! going all bossman and randomly shooting people in the halls. ok so lorne on drugs was not so cool but its lorne, i can forgive him anything. plus he made up for it with that bit at the end. heh 

and when like all rodney had to do was press enter to finish the code, i cracked up so hard and then that bit where teyla was like 'all we gotta do is hope col. sheppard and ronon do their part" and everyone was like 'who?' i was seriously clutching my sides. 

and john annoying ronon so much that he stunned him and tied him up and then later this line 'for all i know you could be the one who tied me up' and the bit where lorne takes out the photo and john like 'yeah, i"m in charge, totally. um i dont know what to do.... i know, just do whatever the large alien man tells you to' hehe.

oh and squee rodney being a good boyfriend and even though i totally ship mckay/sheppard that scene with him and katie was so cute(booo! hiss!) when he's all like yay she knows my name. and ok so i wish he had been at john bedside instead but you can always get what you want. plus she is an awesome girlfirned going around naming plants after him. he was so pleased and looked so cute *smishes him*. besides in the infirmary, he was probably just being a good friend to katie, right? *iz delusional and happy with it*. and omg john all please tell me rodneys not dead i never got to tell him i love him he is my bestest pal. (plus john wasnt sure who had won the bet, heh)

oh and keller totally rocked this episode. she was all smart and cool and efficient. and did i mention sam didnt annoy me? well it deserves a second one anyway. and i love the effect they had for all the lost memory shots. and the msuic always being the same gave it an interesting feeling. 

ETA: completely forgot to squee about teyla. but that was coz she is always awesome. but seriously in this episode she completley rocked. they actually gave her stuff to do. \o/ and she was calm and her and rodney were so sweet, her always knowing what to say to him. awww!


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