Jan. 8th, 2008 03:29 pm
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ooh guys today i get to watch the new episode of SGA!!!! i'm so excited. i can watch and drool and adore. oh i so look forward to it, and if its good you guys can enjoy my lengthy review. nice, huh? *grin*

yup, so thats it, until later but i really feel like otday is going to be completely spammity from me. i have christmas/new years to talk about and med school a nd all sorts of things, oh dear!
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 Ok so for five minutes after the show ended all I could say was omg! Actually I think I started repeating this about the time of that scene in the office, you know which one I’m talking about.  When the credits rolled I just sat there and stared and then I had to watch it again because oh. my. god.

Now can I just say, I have always known that sga was a good show but episodes like these emphasise that when done correctly it can be great. This episode was certainly one of the best. It was well written, well acted and very well put together. The whole feel of it was very realistic and most often down played, allowing the words and actions to speak for themselves.


And this episode certainly gave us a lot to think (and talk) about. 

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 ok how much do i love my show. seriously i haven't squeed this much since the first episode of the season, and there wasn't even any visible mcshep.  but omg this episode was absolute glee!!! 

WARNING: this entry is in no way coherent. at all. it makes no. sense. (you have been warned)

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aaah just saw the first episode of SGA season 4 and its awesome. just a few things

p.s. i dont know if this is spoilery since i think everyone knows but ill try to be careful anyways. tell me if im over-reacting but that casting spoiler for season 4 appears in the credits!! and the character we all know is leaving later in the season does not. do i need to lay out some hurt? seriously! they showed more respect for ford in season two by not airing credits with jason before rainbow had officially made his exit. i am pissed at this. i mean i want to see how the new casting thing works out before judging but this was total disrespect for the amazing role the first character has played in the show i love. ok maybe im over -reacting as i tend to do but seriously the actor is not credited in the entire title sequence after being a major player for the other three. i really dont think im reading too much into this.


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