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yay!!!! my muse is now present and accounted for!!! hehe. i actually posted chaper one of my reel_spn fic yesterday, not on the actually comm itself because its unfortunately still not beta-ed but on some other ones. but yeah i got writing and i think its ok if a bit too angsty (what is it with these boys and teh angst.? hehe).

but if you'll notice its like three thousand words long.... and i havent even got to the freaking tornadoes yet!!! this is going to be great!! *sarcasm*

the fic, if anyone wants to read 

oh and does any one have any spare time to read through this? please.... *iz desperate*----  still need a beta, even though i've done this ass backwards adn posted already.
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Title: Wait For You
Author:  [ profile] liamar13  
Movie Adapted:  Twister
Genre: CWRPS 
Characters/Pairings: Jared/ Sandy, Jared/ Jensen
Rating: PG-13
Credits:  my awesome, awesome beta [ profile] tecetyeintyale who put up with really, atrociously crap grammar and other various crimes against the english language.
Disclaimer: I don't own anything or anybody. The basic plot is taken from the movie and the actors belong to themselves. So please, i beg you, don't sue- i can't even afford my student loan.
Notes: Title taken from the song 'Wait for You' by Elliot Yamin. Also, dialogue in asteriks is taken directly from the movie.





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hey guys, i know i haven't been around much lately, hopefully with holidays next week that will change though i doubt it. still trying to write my [profile] reel_spn fic, struggling actually. i've actually started the thing like four different times but wouldnt get more than a few paragraphs before it falls apart . i finally realized i was stuffing myself up by trying to follow the script, so now im chopping and changing the story at will, lol. in case you didnt know, im supposed to be doing a twister AU. hey it sounded like a good idea when i signed up, coz thats like one of my favourite movies, and would only have been improved by the addition of buttsecks. unfortunately j & j are not actually doing any buttsexing right now. for some reason they prefer to angst, sigh. heres a small example of the angsting, if you're interested.

teh angst )
that reminds me, is anyone willing to beta something, over the course of the next week? they extended the deadline for reel_spn by a week, but i've practically not written much, so i'll be doing it in bits over the next couple of days. ages ago i asked for a beta and i recieved a very sweet offer, but i've been slacking off and that person probably has much better things to do now so...

other news??? the SGA fandom is taking over my brain- is that news?? seriously, i just realized that i have more mcshep fics tagged on my delicious page than both spn and rps combined. i have no idea what it is about that fandom. i mean before i started reading the fics i'd only seen two episodes, now i've only caught up with the first season.. but im still completely hooked. maybe its coz david hewlett is freaking awesome, and funny and just makes me want to hug rodney mckay, or the fact that joe flanigan has the most gorgeous skin. seriously, i start drooling everytime they show him in the gym on atlantis coz the lights just..i dunno make his skin glow or something. hehe, now i osund completely crazy... but then what else is new. 

ooh other intersting things. i found this awesome icon while surfing facebook, it was on one of the supernatural comms but i dont know who made it. and i really want to use it but would hate to do so without crediting. to that effect, does anyone know where this is from?? coz it seriously made me giggle the first time i saw it. ideas???

other than that (really really really ) long despcription above, theres nothing else new wiht me. and hey if something comes up you guys will be like the first to know , hehe.
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ok further to my previous post (people just ignore me if i am getting annoying, please): for [profile] reel_spnthey would like our work to be beta read. i know its a huge favour to ask but would anyone mind? you probably wont have to do anything for ages since i am going on holiday till halfway through july. but yeah if anyone wouldnt mind i would be very greatful. thanks.
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ok continuing with the theme of me having completely lost my mind.... i just signed up for 

[profile] reel_spn. yes, somehow i got it into my head that as much as i love it Twister would work very well as a J2  *facepalm*. and now the idea refuses to leave me. SERIOUSLY!!!! i have visions, visions in my head of jensen as helen hunt. you know instead of visions of my psychology notes. but hey what can you do. 

btw if you haven't signed up, you totally should. this idea totally ROX. as much as [profile] spn_harlequin  does. oh wait i'm doing that too aren't i? *huffs* huh! (screams inside brain *AHHHHH*). still you should join the madness, you know you want to *cackles loudly BWAHAHAHA(coff)HAHAHA*

ok back to serious business now



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