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ok people today is just made of awesome. i mean SERIOUSLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

first things first, my daddy is coming home after about 9 months away. YAY!!!! you see my dad captains oil tankers and he was supposed to come home for christmas but that kinda didnt work out but now FINALLY he is on his way home so again. YAY! (heh! this is how i am now but wait a couple of weeks before we start getting on each others nerves and then see what i say LOL!)

second can i just say,  <lj community = spn_harlequin> is like the best idea ever. i mean how much do i love this and my prompt!!!! i know im supposed to be studying and being all busy but i couldnt resist, practically the whole list is yummy. im kinda disssapointed we can have only one prompt each but it has brought to mind some of the other harlequin, blaze etc stories i have read and how much i would love to make them all fanfic and slashy. oooh i cant wait. and i cant wait to read the stories either. YAY!!!

btw my prompt:

Commanded To His Bed 

Years ago, the love of Jared’s life was taken from him, and sold into slavery. Now Jensen Ackles wants revenge. Believing Jared played a part in his capture, he plans to seduce him to bed- but he won’t use force. He wants Jared to come willingly.

Jared is shocked by the reappearance of his lost lover. He can’t deny the desire this dark, brooding man arouses in him, but Jensen is no longer the young boy he once knew. He is all man now, rugged and very dangerous.

isn't it just delicious?
ETA: can anybody tell me how to code communities? because i (finally) worked out how to do users but the above has defeated me and i really want people to check out harlequin, coz it is just fantabulously awesome.


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