Oct. 28th, 2007

liamar: (Rodney is being smug again)
i have an exam in two days that is worth quite a bit of my course mark so of course i choose now to do this meme *facepalm* in my defence i wasnt really getting anything done anyway... really *innocent eyes* anyways i snagged this off someone...

six things that make me happy

1) i got into med school. yup four days and that statement still has not lost it glee.
2) mochachinnos from the cafe near the campus. these are large hot and just chocolately enough, not too sweet + plus they use good coffee.
3)the on-the -go playlist on my ipod. this has all my favourite songs on it and never fails to make me feel good. (warning: playlist may induce singing in public *iz not ashamed*)
4)figuring stuff out. i love that feeling you get when you finally solve a problem, give the right answer or work out how to do things
5) these here intrawebs. i love being able to keep in contact with friends and family overseas plus it is my drug dealer *hugs lj* coz i get to get to know you guys plus read all the good crack fic (p.s. check out [personal profile] cupidsbow  's new fic 8 ways not to write a fanfic. tis seriously awesome)
6) my (very extended)family. they can drive me crazy but they are awesome in their own way because they are so supportive and whenever im stressed or unhappy they always seem to do things that make my day.

so thats it. i guess i should try to study now *chains herself to books* bye! 


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