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Ok so guess who has just been offered a seat in the Graduate Medical Program at Monash University, Australia ( Ranked World No. 33).  

Who could it possibly be?! 

Any ideas? 

Last Chance......

Well for for those who guessed ME!!!!! you are 100% correct! 

Your prize is a frantically excited future med student jumping up and down and hugging you excitedly! isnt it what you always wanted? *giggles*

Ok so im a little (read: a lot) excited. basically the seat is mine unless, you know, i tank all my exams this semester, which means i feel no pressure at all, of course not *panics silently*. plus my mom told the whole world in the space of one afternoon *dreads humiliation*. so yay i am officially a ball of emotional goo. what fun!

Still, right now exhiliration has won out! (note smug icon)

So come squee with me people!  *dances*
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OK so the holidays are almost upon us. 

Soon the malls will begin playing tinny christmas jingles on repeat (it happens earlier every year). the only good time of the year is getting those greetings from friends and family overseas. this is my first christmas on lj and i would love to do it in style by sending some out to people on my flist. you guys definitely deserve some love. 

So please, comment with your address and i will send you a cheesy christmas card. isnt it what you've always wanted? hehe. 

all comments will be screened and i totally promise not to use the address for any nefarious purposes *blinks innocently*. LOL. 

you in?

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So I made it to Armageddon on Saturday, Yay!me. And it was great! I saw both Joe and Conner and both panels were really good, funny and interesting. I’ve done the Joe panel now; you guys tell me if you want to know what I remember from Conner’s and photos of him and I’ll put it up. I told [ profile] flotternz that I didn’t remember much of the panels but once I started writing stuff down I actually did so this is massive! And not dial-up friendly. also if you want bigger photos the link goes to my photobucket album.

NOTE: This is all paraphrasing coz I didn’t record it. Please don’t use anything I write to support any arguments. I know I didn’t get the words exactly right and this is all my interpretation of what Joe said. I would hate to have someone link back to me because what I said supports their view point.

Also this contains spoilers for episodes not aired yet so if you don’t want to be spoiled please be careful. I’ll put the pictures under a separate cut, ok.

the panel- seperated into insightful categories )  

Now for the gratuitous perving on Joe (click here for bigger)

Joe Flanigan Intergalactic Hottie )
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 No really, my life is a movie tragedy!

Its one of those artsy films. perfect title ‘when love goes wrong’ you know like one of those disaster fics!

If you dont have any idea what im talking about, its this awesome meme i stole from [personal profile] derryderrydown ( who got it from [personal profile] ignipes). 


1. Open your music library (iTunes, Winamp, Media Player, iPod, etc.).
2. Put it on shuffle and press play.
3. For every question, type the song that's playing. When you go to a new question, go to the next song.
4. Don't lie and try to pretend you're cool.

and your life might come out looking like 

this... )

Note: the first bits are my initial thoughts. the ETAs are what i came up with after all the songs were listed. 

Child of the Note: there were some things even I couldnt figure out. virtual cookies for the person that comes up with a cool idea for why my opening credits and funeral song is so f*cked up! hehe. 

Grandchild of the Note: 
am i supposed to be studying? YES! 
am i? NO! 
do you see a problem here?!
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damn after going all the way to the mall, totally out of my way, i find they no longer have a ticketing booth there. which means ill have 2 wake up real early tomorrow and keep my fingers crossed that i get tix . oh well c'est la vie.

besides, *sing-songs* im gona see joe flanigan, im gona see joe flanigan...


p.s. happy birthday [personal profile] unamaga and [profile] truvariance 
hope you guys have an awesome day! (and get lots of good stuff like porn and chocolates and porn and presents and porn and porn, and did i mention porn? do i have a one track mind? of course not! hehe. have fun! 
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I know im supposed to be studying for my upcoming exams but i just realized that joe flanigan is going to be auckland.... in new zealand... on SATURDAY!!!. 

HOW did i not know this? be still my heart! 

ok so im totally be getting up early to try and get in *glee*  and hopefully get lots of pictures of him being slinky (not my word but it fits) and conner trinner because after seeing other con photos i know he is currently looking very sexy. 

fingers crossed people!!! 

so in summary: JOE FLAAAANIGAN *faints*
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Title: Kiss
Pairing: McKay/Shappard
Word Count: 239
Summary & Notes: ok so the squee heard around the world and the new community
[info]mcsmooch have both conspired to attack me with a bunny. happpily said bunny has now been dispached by the writing of this, my first sga anything. i dont write sga because frankly i think i would be out of my depth to do it well but i had to get it out.  
Disclaimer: i really wish i did own them coz then i could make them do stuff. but i dont, other people do and i hate them for it. 
Warning: if you haven't seen 4.01 then this might contain things you dont want to know about yet.

Without further ado, i present you (heh i'm rhyming) Kiss:


kiss )


Feedback would be much loved :D


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aaah just saw the first episode of SGA season 4 and its awesome. just a few things

p.s. i dont know if this is spoilery since i think everyone knows but ill try to be careful anyways. tell me if im over-reacting but that casting spoiler for season 4 appears in the credits!! and the character we all know is leaving later in the season does not. do i need to lay out some hurt? seriously! they showed more respect for ford in season two by not airing credits with jason before rainbow had officially made his exit. i am pissed at this. i mean i want to see how the new casting thing works out before judging but this was total disrespect for the amazing role the first character has played in the show i love. ok maybe im over -reacting as i tend to do but seriously the actor is not credited in the entire title sequence after being a major player for the other three. i really dont think im reading too much into this.
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i am soon going to be getting a post card from [profile] queencria in NY!! its based on a meme and is a very cool idea so i want to share the love. 

how about this- the first five people to comment on this post will get a post card from me. warning this post card will be coming from new zealand so you should be prepared for sheep or the all blacks, if i cant find anything else new zealand enough.but dont let that put you off expanding our community. the only condition for this is if you comment, you too have to offer this same chance on your LJ. 

what do  you say? 

heres the original post :

From [personal profile] anmkosk:

I love to get postcards and I also love to send them, so the first fivepeople who comment will get a postcard from me. On one condition though, if you comment you have to offer this in your own LJ. That way there'll be a whole load of postcards circling the world, and how cool is that?!
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last night i read the most beautiful story. its mckay/sheppard, its not very long but its heart wrenching. even though its sparse, the imagery is just wonderful and the idea is just, words cannot describe. if you dont believe me check it out for yourself but definitely read it. 

[personal profile] anyanka_eg - Lost and Found
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ok im sure everyone has seen the new gag reel, but have you seen this...............
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aaah!!! i hate it when my brain won't listen to me. i want it to do J2 twister things, instead it wants to do slacker on holiday things. why, i ask you, WHY?! seriously, this (below) is the best i could come up with the past couple of days. neve, ever going to make my deadline!!! still here's a sniippet of wait for you chapter 2. unbeta-ed but not because i dont have one, i just dont want to bug her yet. so yeah........

snippet )

so what do you think? any good or do i have to go back to the drawing board?! hopefully just putting this out there will shock my muse into actually working. hehe
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yay!!!! my muse is now present and accounted for!!! hehe. i actually posted chaper one of my reel_spn fic yesterday, not on the actually comm itself because its unfortunately still not beta-ed but on some other ones. but yeah i got writing and i think its ok if a bit too angsty (what is it with these boys and teh angst.? hehe).

but if you'll notice its like three thousand words long.... and i havent even got to the freaking tornadoes yet!!! this is going to be great!! *sarcasm*

the fic, if anyone wants to read 

oh and does any one have any spare time to read through this? please.... *iz desperate*----  still need a beta, even though i've done this ass backwards adn posted already.
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Title: Wait For You
Author:  [ profile] liamar13  
Movie Adapted:  Twister
Genre: CWRPS 
Characters/Pairings: Jared/ Sandy, Jared/ Jensen
Rating: PG-13
Credits:  my awesome, awesome beta [ profile] tecetyeintyale who put up with really, atrociously crap grammar and other various crimes against the english language.
Disclaimer: I don't own anything or anybody. The basic plot is taken from the movie and the actors belong to themselves. So please, i beg you, don't sue- i can't even afford my student loan.
Notes: Title taken from the song 'Wait for You' by Elliot Yamin. Also, dialogue in asteriks is taken directly from the movie.





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hey guys, i know i haven't been around much lately, hopefully with holidays next week that will change though i doubt it. still trying to write my [profile] reel_spn fic, struggling actually. i've actually started the thing like four different times but wouldnt get more than a few paragraphs before it falls apart . i finally realized i was stuffing myself up by trying to follow the script, so now im chopping and changing the story at will, lol. in case you didnt know, im supposed to be doing a twister AU. hey it sounded like a good idea when i signed up, coz thats like one of my favourite movies, and would only have been improved by the addition of buttsecks. unfortunately j & j are not actually doing any buttsexing right now. for some reason they prefer to angst, sigh. heres a small example of the angsting, if you're interested.

teh angst )
that reminds me, is anyone willing to beta something, over the course of the next week? they extended the deadline for reel_spn by a week, but i've practically not written much, so i'll be doing it in bits over the next couple of days. ages ago i asked for a beta and i recieved a very sweet offer, but i've been slacking off and that person probably has much better things to do now so...

other news??? the SGA fandom is taking over my brain- is that news?? seriously, i just realized that i have more mcshep fics tagged on my delicious page than both spn and rps combined. i have no idea what it is about that fandom. i mean before i started reading the fics i'd only seen two episodes, now i've only caught up with the first season.. but im still completely hooked. maybe its coz david hewlett is freaking awesome, and funny and just makes me want to hug rodney mckay, or the fact that joe flanigan has the most gorgeous skin. seriously, i start drooling everytime they show him in the gym on atlantis coz the lights just..i dunno make his skin glow or something. hehe, now i osund completely crazy... but then what else is new. 

ooh other intersting things. i found this awesome icon while surfing facebook, it was on one of the supernatural comms but i dont know who made it. and i really want to use it but would hate to do so without crediting. to that effect, does anyone know where this is from?? coz it seriously made me giggle the first time i saw it. ideas???

other than that (really really really ) long despcription above, theres nothing else new wiht me. and hey if something comes up you guys will be like the first to know , hehe.
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ok i dont get it! how can my life be so cool and suck at the same time. 

first the coolness. i got a job!!! not just any job. i got a job for the summer (in nz thats like november to march) at a research facility. which is freakin awesome becasue i want to do medical research and my supervisor's an actual researcher who's published like actual research papers and its so cool and im totally excited and yeah *squeee*

now for the bad. oh muse where have you gone? do you not understand i have deadlines to make? i have have fics for both [profile] spn_harlequinand [profile] reel_spnto finish. how can i make you realize that i have to finish these now so i can deal with the assignments that are due in 2 weeks? why do you abandon me so. *cries*

ok so its not a total tragedy. im doing some cool papers this semester with some really good, interesting lecturers and assignments. besides who needs sleep, rite? 

oh yeah my life is fun. end transmission.

* goes to find steel trap to catch muse in*
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ok so i think everybody has already heard about this but incase you haven't you have to read this. i honestly can't believe something like this is still happening in this day and age. here is a really good full summary of all the deatils currently known by [personal profile] bookshop

please, please read this and spread the word
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ok further to my previous post (people just ignore me if i am getting annoying, please): for [profile] reel_spnthey would like our work to be beta read. i know its a huge favour to ask but would anyone mind? you probably wont have to do anything for ages since i am going on holiday till halfway through july. but yeah if anyone wouldnt mind i would be very greatful. thanks.
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ok continuing with the theme of me having completely lost my mind.... i just signed up for 

[profile] reel_spn. yes, somehow i got it into my head that as much as i love it Twister would work very well as a J2  *facepalm*. and now the idea refuses to leave me. SERIOUSLY!!!! i have visions, visions in my head of jensen as helen hunt. you know instead of visions of my psychology notes. but hey what can you do. 

btw if you haven't signed up, you totally should. this idea totally ROX. as much as [profile] spn_harlequin  does. oh wait i'm doing that too aren't i? *huffs* huh! (screams inside brain *AHHHHH*). still you should join the madness, you know you want to *cackles loudly BWAHAHAHA(coff)HAHAHA*

ok back to serious business now


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ok so yay! im on study break. for like a day coz my next exam is in five. and im actually kind of giddy becoz i got more than four hours of sleep last nite. i gotta say i officially love sleep. its like right up there with chocolate, spn on fridays and porn in fics. so yeah i've had some sleep and i have some free time so i got to thinking (i know shocking!!!) and this is what came out

1) since when has steve carlson been this hot??? seriously! i saw the video for 'i'll remember you' (which you should totally check out on youtube if you havent) and despite the questionable black hat i was kinda really into steve by the end of it. (was i the only one who thought that the one handed bra opening thing was smokin?) and then i saw this :

which totally made me squee like a fangirl (which is ok coz i am) and sent me on a hunt for his cd (which i dint find and will probably have to get off the interwebs instead) and for hot fic featuring steve which i found and read and i have decided steve/chris is like my new OTP. though i do seem to be collecting those. heh! im a ho for the fanfiction.  which leads me on to..

2) even though i have no time and heaps of study/work/family things to do i signed up for [profile] spn_harlequin  which i totally hope to write while on intersemester break even though i will be travelling around the us and canada with my family and no computer access (oh woe what am i going to do without checking my flist for 3 weeks!!!). meaning i am going to have to prevent my parents from reading the journal that will include all the snippets describing jensens cock in jared ass (or the other way around).  but thats off topic (oh i'm rambling- again how shocking!!). what i was wondering was how irritating do people find it if a fic is not researched. becasue my prompt involves slaves. basically i could go one of two ways. i could just write it, basing it in a period i like and screwing with the time and the details. or i could research it properly and write it that way. i have no aversion to the second really, just that it would require time but was wondering how annoying it would be if i went the first route? coz i want people to read it and so i was pondering. is that something that really turns you off a fic? oh and if you feel like it you can list all the things that bug you so that i can try to avoid all of them

or you can ignore this entirely which works too. coz its just me being self involved. but yeah if you have the time and the inclination...


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